WooCommerce Category Tree

Type: WordPress Plugin

Code: PHP, jQuery, CSS, JS

Status: Finished

A lightweight and free WordPress plugin that displays a three-level deep category tree for WooCommerce. The category tree can be added under Appearance -> Widgets or with the shortcode [wct]. Feel free to fork it, and modify it as you like.


Tested with WooCommerce versions 3.6 to 3.7. Probably also works with other versions.


  1. Download the plugin as a .zip file from GitHub;
  2. Unzip downloaded archive and upload the woocommerce-category-tree under your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Navigate to Dashboard ▸ Plugins
  4. Click Activate


WooCommerce Category Tree
WooCommerce Category Tree


WooCommerce Category Tree Backend
WooCommerce Category Tree Backend


Blaz K.

I am a web developer with experience building WordPress websites, plugins and themes. I specialize in PHP and have professional experience working with JavaScript, CSS, PostCSS, Gulp and HTML. I also have experience working with PrestaShop, GIT and SEO.

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