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Rate my Post PRO: SoftwareApplication Schema

Rate my Post PRO: Advanced Schema Selector

Rate my Post PRO enables you to select Schema type directly in the post editor. This means that you can select whichever Schema type of each post or custom rating widget. All schema types support required as well as optional schema fields according to the Google guidelines which means no more warnings in Google structured…

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Rate my Post PRO: Custom Rating Widgets

Rate my Post PRO: Custom Rating Widgets

Rate my Post PRO supports custom rating widgets which can be used independently of posts. You simply insert them with the shortcode. Furthermore, custom rating widgets allow you to have multiple rating widgets in a single post. Therefore, they are especially useful for those who are listing products, books, courses, software applications, events or recipes….

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Rate my Post - A free WordPress Rating plugin

Rate my Post Pro: Status Update May

Note: Rate my Post PRO has been released. Buy Rate my Post PRO. Today, I released Rate my Post 3.2.0 which I’ve been developing for the last couple of months. The development took a bit longer than usually because I was at the same time also working on Rate my Post Pro. Rate my Post…

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Is PrestaShop a good option for an online store in 2020?

Some months ago, I got a gig to develop an online store. We checked the options and decided to base the online store on PrestaShop 1.7. The main reason for choosing PrestaShop 1.7 was that the business’s existing online store was built on PrestaShop 1.6. So, as a developer I anticipated that migrating customers, products…

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