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Rate my Post - A free WordPress Rating plugin

Rate my Post PRO is coming soon

I decided to release the PRO version of the plugin which will include the following features: Structured data types for rich snippets with not only the required fields but also the optional fields Create custom rating widgets that can be used independently of posts – for example on archive pages, taxonomies, multiple widgets within one…

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Rate my Post - A free WordPress Rating plugin

Rate my Post Version 3

Rate my Post Version 3 is now available. It is mostly about more organized code which allows easier scaling and modifications. If you are upgrading from version 2.x to version 3.x remember to do the following after the update: Empty page cache, Clear minify cache, Empty CDN cache (CloudFlare, MaxCDN etc.) Open an incognito window…

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BlazzDev Website

BlazzDev is Live

I finally managed to launch my personal website. Here I’ll write about my projects, web development and marketing. Not much content has been published so far, but I do plan to post here regularly.┬áIf you are interested in these topics do subscribe to the newsletter.

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