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Rate my Post is a free WordPress rating plugin which I initially made for one of my websites. The whole idea behind the plugin was to allow visitors to easily rate posts and give them an option to leave private feedback in case they didn’t like the post. I found this feature crucial because it allows to improve posts by adding missing information, rewriting content etc. Rate my Post had grown significantly by now and is available in the official WordPress plugin directory with many active installs and reviews. It is based on DevinVisnon’s WordPress Plugin Boilerplate for a standardized, organized and object-oriented codebase.

Highlighted Features

Select Icons

As most rating plugins, Rate my Post uses stars. However, you can easily switch between different icons in the settings. In addition to the stars, the plugin supports thumbs, hearts, smileys and trophies. Furthermore, with some coding skills you can easily use whichever icon you want. See the documentation for more information about this.

Automatic Insertion

With Rate my Post you can add rating widget automatically to posts, pages and custom post types. It utilizes the_content filter to do so.

Highly Customizable

All strings, colors, font-sizes etc. can be customized in the options. Furthermore, the plugin comes with many hooks (filters and actions) which allow further customization of the plugin. Some coding skills might be required for this, nevertheless.


The plugin supports Google reCAPTCHA v3 for preventing unnatural votes. It also has a feature for preventing double votes via the IP address and via cookies. Optionally you can also enable that only logged-in users can vote.


With the Google Analytics feature you can track ratings directly in your Google Analytics console. The plugin also comes with the stats and analytics dashboard. In the stats dashboard you can see average rating of each post on your website and how many votes it has received. In the analytics section you can see the details about each rating/vote such as time on page before the action, IP address, user info (if registered) and more.

Top Rated Posts

You can easily display top-rated posts in the sidebar. The plugin comes with the top rated posts widget which is like all other parts of the plugin highly customizable.


After a visitor rates a post on your website he can leave you private feedback (feedback widget has to be enabled in the settings). You can see the feedback for posts at the bottom of the post editor and it allows you to improve your posts.

These are only some features of the plugin. To discover everything it offers, try it out 🙂

Future Plans

  • Support for custom rating widgets which can be used anywhere
  • Compatibility with infinite scroll plugins
  • Better handling of feedback tokens
  • Hashed IP addresses for GDPR-compliant double vote protection
  • Microdata templates for better compatibility with various CPT plugins

Blaz K.

I am a web developer with experience building WordPress websites, plugins and themes. I specialize in PHP and have professional experience working with JavaScript, CSS, PostCSS, Gulp and HTML. I also have experience working with PrestaShop, GIT and SEO.

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13 comments on “Rate my Post

Hi, very nice plugin. Maybe you can make the amount of stars customizable for the future (I would need 10). Best regards.


Hi Frank,

I have this feature on my “ideas” list 🙂 However, it’s a very big change and not a priority at the moment. So, unfortunately no ETA.


HELLO I use plugins and I think very simple and fantastic. I would like to understand how you can make a carousel with a product score filter? for example a list of products with 5 votes, one with 4.5 etc. Thanks so much


Hi Salvatore,

I’m glad to hear you like the plugin. You can use rmp_get_avg_rating( $postID ) function to retrieve average rating of each post. See the details in the documentation. But I think that building such a thing is quite some work.



I’m using this “Rate my Post” plugin and I really like it. Thanks for your efforts.

I haven’t tried yet but I would like to use this on a buddypress/bbpress install. Please share whatever advice you may have.

Thanks again!


I have translated “Rate my Post”. I have translated it to 100%. Will you get it?


Hi Charlie,

thanks for translating the plugin. Please submit your translations here because it’s easier this way to manage them. Thanks again!



Hi Blaz,

At first, thanks for your great work.
Concerning latest privacy regulations I wonder if I can configure Rate My Post to set definitely no Cookies.

Doc Fox


Hi there,

which privacy regulations are we talking about? 🙂 At the moment it’s not possible to completely disable cookies – a cookie is used when the rating is submitted. Nevertheless, in terms of GDPR this shouldn’t be a problem as no personal data is used.



I’m using this plugin and it is great.
I have a question, if I have a blog and I want to rate just posts then I have to select for structured data type for rich snippets the option “no structured data” is that correct?
Thank you so much.
King regards,