Rate my Post PRO is coming soon

I decided to release the PRO version of the plugin which will include the following features:

  • Structured data types for rich snippets with not only the required fields but also the optional fields
  • Create custom rating widgets that can be used independently of posts – for example on archive pages, taxonomies, multiple widgets within one post etc.
  • Each widget is completely customizable, including structured data for rich snippets
  • Shortcode generator
  • Read-only ratings with structured data for reviews (review rating)
  • A selection of templates
  • Advanced analytics with trends, top rated posts, most rated posts, worst rated posts etc.
  • Premium support

I’m planning to release the PRO version in late spring or early summer. If you are interested in the PRO version, subscribe to Rate my Post PRO news below and you’ll be notified when it’s released. If your subscribe before the release date, you will also get a huge discount 🙂

By subscribing, you will only get news related to Rate my Post PRO plugin and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Blaz K.

I am a web developer with experience building WordPress websites, plugins and themes. I specialize in PHP and have professional experience working with JavaScript, CSS, PostCSS, Gulp and HTML. I also have experience working with PrestaShop, GIT and SEO.

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22 comments on “Rate my Post PRO is coming soon

Hi , don´t know if is a general issue, but think that with the last update I don´t see the rating Icons anymore. Just flagging it incase it is happening to everybody.


Hi Tomas,

I just investigated a website with the same issue and it was due to cache. You have to clear cache after the update because the plugin was completely rewritten on the frontend. So, here are the steps:

  • Clear minify cache
  • Clear page cache
  • Clear cache cPanel in case your hosting provider has a custom caching system
  • Clear Cloudflare or other CDN cache
  • Open an incognito window and inspect the site

To see if you successfully cleared cache compare the file in rate-my-post/public/css/rate-my-post.css to the one embedded on your website. If it still doesn’t work, you can send me link to your website and I’ll check it out 🙂




I am using your plugin and its really awesome, thanx for creating it for someone who knows duckduckgo about coding.

I have one question if you could answer that please, I am trying to put some margin on top, I don’t see any option in the plugin itself but bottom margin.

I tried to do it using css code, tried every selector but this either works only for that post where I took the css selector code from or doesn’t at all.

I am wondering how I can do that please.


Hi Blaz,

I am interested in the PRO version of the Rate my Post plugin
Do you have a paid version forecast?
What will be the approximate price?



Hi Luis,

if everything goes by plan, I’ll have the premium version out in late spring/early summer. The price will be around $50 and those of you who showed interest will get the initial builds for free, until I have the update system in place. After that 50% off the regular price.



Hello Blaz,
i’m interesting in your pro version.
Let me know when you’re ready

Thank You


Hi thanks for this plugin, after years using kk star ratings I decided to try it and oh!! wonderful!!, I’m delighted, the stars are back in the serps. Count on me for the pro version, but don’t delay it until summer, we are impatient and I know I am not the only one. 😉


Great ideia bro!

Check out all erros from data strutured tool. I use your plugin in 4 sites, using product, local business, etc… and all we have tool problems to fix.


The plugin is awesome…

If it is possible, put schema Emergency Service for medical centers, etc…


Hi Cesar,

there shouldn’t be any errors – errors are not the same as warnings. Structured data testing tool gives some warnings because the free version of the plugin doesn’t include optional fields, but optional fields are as the name suggests optional. So, this is not a problem. As far as I know Emergency Service is not on Google’s list of schema types that support rich snippets.



Hi Blaz,

Yes Emergency Service is a Google Schema as well..

It is a type of Local Business as you can see below:

“@context”: “https://schema.org”,
“@type”: “EmergencyService”,
“name”: “”,
“image”: “”,
“@id”: “”,
“url”: “”,
“telephone”: “”,
“address”: {
“@type”: “PostalAddress”,
“streetAddress”: “”,
“addressLocality”: “”,
“postalCode”: “”,
“addressCountry”: “”


I am delighted with the plugin, I am looking forward to having the pro version, where do you have to sign up to know when it is available? Thank you


Hey mate, how are you doing? Thanks for your reply. Even before the PRO version is released, can I pay you for premium support? I have installed the pluging, it workd for a couple of days but now the stars are grey and no one is able to mark the stars. We are a school and I am trying to rate the lessons and teachers and that is kind of urgent. We don’t matter paying by hour or so. I could send you the WP-ADMIN details so that you could take a look. I have purged chache already . I would really appreciate your help. Thanks